I Was Crippled By Joint Pain And Rheumatism And Was Told I’d Just Have To Live With It…Until I Followed This Unusual 5,000-Year-Old Technique And Finally Got My Life Back

Join 25,691 students who used these 5,000-year-old teachings to finally get relief from their chronic illness, after years of medications and being misdiagnosed. Available to the general public for the first time, from the Western world’s #1 expert!

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How A 5,000-Year-Old Natural Science Saved My Life

In 1999, therapists in Europe told me I had a few months to live. My internal organs had suffered severe damage from rheumatic fever and 20+ years of high doses of antibiotics and strong medication. I’d seen specialist after specialist… spent half my life in waiting rooms… been dismissed and misdiagnosed… exhausted my insurance and wasted $1,000s… but nothing worked.

That was nearly 25 years ago. Yet here I am today, telling you my name is Eduardo Osegueda and I’m happy and healthy. I’m married with two beautiful girls. And I’m no longer in pain or relying on medication. I owe it all to a natural science that’s tried and tested over 5,000 years and helped heal 10,000s of people with chronic health conditions, just like me.

The Ancient Secret Backed By Centuries Of Scientific Research And Validation

The secret that saved my life is called ZhiNeng QiGong. It is an ancient, holistic system of exercises and meditation designed to enhance the flow of Qi (vital energy) in your body, balance your body's energy systems, and promote overall well-being.

While you’ve probably never heard of it, these techniques have been tested and mastered over centuries. This is the only system used at the world's largest drug-free hospital. It was also acknowledged by the Chinese government, the National Bureau of Sciences, and the Public Health Ministry as the most effective and scientifically researched and validated mind-and-body practice to have ever existed.


Join 25,691 Students Who Used These 5,000-Year-Old Teachings To Finally Get Relief From Their Chronic Illness

Get A Free Consultation With The #1 Expert In The Western World

After using ZhiNeng QiGong to save my own life, I’ve spent the past 23 years helping over 25,000 people to unlock this ancient self-healing power. Five of the top authorities of the world's largest drug-free hospital acknowledge me as the #1 Western expert.

I can show you how to use the self-healing exercises, visualization, and meditation techniques from the comfort of your own home. Your first consultation is free. From there, you need just 30 minutes a day (it’s SUPER easy). Evidence from leading scientists in China suggests a 95% success rate in just 24 days for all health conditions – even without a clear diagnosis.

Support Wellbeing For A
Range Of Chronic Conditions:

  • Chronic pain management

  • Inflammation

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Respiratory health

  • Mood and mental well-being

  • Assistance in managing hypertension

  • Sleep and insomnia

  • Complementary care for autoimmune conditions

  • General well-being and energy levels

  • Enhanced quality of life for cancer patients

  • Digestive disorders such as IBS

  • Plus, many more!

I’ve Helped 25,000+ People Over 23+ Years Unlock Incredible Results…

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How This Natural ‘Self-Healing’ Method Provides Relief For The Mind And Body…

  • A Holistic Method That Targets The Root Cause

    Unlike other approaches that tend to focus solely on covering up symptoms, our practice delves into the interconnectedness of your body, mind, and spirit to address the root cause.

  • Activation Of Self-Healing Mechanisms

    Instead of external interventions like medication or surgery, I’ll show you how to tap into your own potential to connect the mind and body and restore balance.

  • Draw On 5,000 Years Of Wisdom

    Using ancient Chinese medicine that’s been refined over centuries, you’ll discover a tried and tested method to restore health and well-being.

  • Non-Invasive, Natural, And No Side-Effects

    There are no side effects from harsh medications or treatments like chemotherapy. We rely on simple movements, focused attention, stance adjustments, and other techniques for a safe path to healing.

  • Gain Empowerment From Within

    Learn to listen to your body, harness your ‘Qi’, and nurture self-awareness, which fosters a profound connection with your inner healing potential.


Join 25,691 Students Who Used These 5,000-Year-Old Teachings To Finally Get Relief From Their Chronic Illness

Why 191 Million Opioid Prescriptions Are Written In America Every Year…

While there are many amazing doctors who tried to help me over the years, the truth about modern medicine is that it’s still young. With 191 million opioid prescriptions written each year… and insurance companies gate-keeping the top treatments… people who desperately need help fall through the cracks. They’re prescribed medication to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause.

ZhiNeng QiGong gives people a natural option that doesn’t require medication, surgery, or $10,000s. Unlike other alternative treatments, this is founded in science and proven through countless studies. It’s been hidden on the other side of the globe for centuries… but the Western world is slowly waking up to its power.

Uncover The Ancient Chinese ‘Self-Healing’ Power In 3 Simple Steps

Claim Your FREE 30-minute Consultation

I know how frustrating it can be to spend half your life in waiting rooms, paying for treatments that don’t help you feel any better. That’s why your first session with us is free. There is no obligation to continue afterwards if you don’t feel this is right for you. It’s just a chance to discover how to unlock the ancient power of ZhiNeng QiGong.

Learn The ‘Self-Healing’ Science

I’ve spent 20+ years perfecting my training through live sessions with 25,000+ people. For the first time, you can access my training online from the comfort of your own home. With 22+ hours and 11 modules… plus 1 year access to our app with hours of video and audio resources… you’ll get guided, step by step, how to use this ancient ‘self-healing’ power to finally feel relief.

Finally Feel Relief

Feeling tired and fatigued…  in pain… struggling to sleep… I know how a chronic health condition can impact every minute of our lives. That’s why this isn’t just a pathway to enhance overall mental and physical wellbeing… it’s a pathway to the improved quality of life that comes with it, so you can get more out of every day.


Join 25,691 Students Who Used These 5,000-Year-Old Teachings To Finally Get Relief From Their Chronic Illness

"4-Hour Relief Or Double Your Money Back - Guaranteed!"

I’ve sat through the waiting rooms and false promises of specialists, doctors, and alternative treatments (despite their best intentions). I know how frustrating it can be. That’s why I reverse your risk with my nothing-to-lose guarantee.

After 23+ years of training over 25,691 students, I stand behind the proven teachings and techniques of ZhiNeng QiGong. If you don’t experience significant symptom improvements in just 4 hours of training, we'll refund 100% of your investment – then double it, no questions asked.*

*T&Cs apply

Hear Life-Changing Stories From Real People…

Fernanda Tapia

I was absolutely astonished when I realized that three minutes of training with Eduardo had completely relieved my life-long asthma without medication for many days in a roll.... All evidence showed that it was 'impossible' for my husband and I to achieve pregnancy, we had tried everything with the best doctors... It is hereby, in this interview to Eduardo that I make public that I am pregnant, and that is only possible because of his training

Verified Review

Berenice Sainz

My doctor said: “How is this even possible?” After practicing for six months, osteoporosis, osteopenia, and cholesterol problems all of the sudden simply disappeared... I am a psychotherapist ‘for crying out loud’, and the path is nothing like when you go to therapy. Pain is not even touched here...At this moment I really don't know of any other tool, anything else that gives such incredible benefits...

Verified Review

Socorro Lopez M.D.

"In 2012 I was programmed for spinal surgery…

I decided to practice ZhiNeng QiGong intensely, and a few days later I went from having difficulty to move and terrible pain, to being able to do anything, even bend over to take care of my patients, pick up things, and feel great!… It came as a shock to myself, my family and my doctors, when it became clear that the surgery was no longer needed"

Verified Review

Rocio Del Mar

"I was diagnosed in the United States with a very invasive and malignant type of Cancer HER2 Positive, which makes it much much more aggressive than a normal cancer, and it was at a very advanced stage...
After a few months of this very simple practice, my doctors in the US were shocked and asked me: What in the world did you do?, the tumour is completely gone!"

Verified Review

Georgina Sedano

"Doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and said I would always have it…

I can do everything now. No more pain, no more medication…

In all seriousness, if people gave themselves the chance to learn ZhiNeng QiGong their life would change..."

Verified Review

Angelica Espinoza

"I avoided a painful TENDON SURGERY and what would have been a very long-recovery thanks to my intense practices of ZhiNeng QiGong...

My Achilles tendon healed completely… but not only that, I would not be able to enjoy my sports career if I didn't have Zhineng QiGong in my hands…"

Verified Review


Claim Your FREE 30-Minute ‘Self-Healing’ Session To Pinpoint The Root Cause of Your Agony (Relief In As Little As 2 Hours)

I know how frustrating and helpless it can feel to fork out money for an appointment… only to meet another dead end. That’s why your first consultation with us is FREE. During your 30-minute, ‘Self-Healing’ session, you’ll discover:

  • Everything you need to know about this ancient healing science – including how it works, what it involves, and why it’s revered as a ‘self-healing’ power.

  • The surprising reason your symptoms persist, despite conventional treatment - and the simple self-assessment that could finally reveal the root cause

  • Whether your home or work environment could be worsening your condition – how to spot and eliminate hidden triggers that most people overlook.

  • Why so many people fall through the cracks of mainstream medicine – and what 5,000 years of science can show you about undiagnosed, mystery illnesses

  • Plus much, much more!

Please Note: Consultations are limited to those who are READY to invest in their health. Book your consultation today to discover the root cause of your issues and map out an ongoing plan to regain your life!


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